• You've been skating on Templeton's paint? We supply most of the ice-hockey arenas in the city with the paint for their rinks.
  • Templeton's also sells "convenience" hardware items - basic plumbing, electrical, and hand tool supplies - and we're the only downtown source for many of these items.
  • We cut keys and stock a wide selection of "Happy Keys". Try one - they make finding the right key easier, and fun.
  • Templeton's has a quaint selection of housewares - such as delicate teacups and saucers - so have a browse for the perfect finishing touch.
  • The Anna Templeton Centre on Duckworth Street, where skills in art and design are taught, is named after a family member. Anna toured Newfoundland outports during the 1950s, supporting and encouraging cottage industries.
  • In the early 20th century, wallpaper did not just help people beautify and refresh their homes - contributing an insulating layer to the walls. The more often you "updated" your look, the better insulated was your house.
  • In 2004, Templeton's donated the paint and materials to restore the "Golden Pheasant Tea" mural on the side of the East End Club building at the bottom of St. John's Lane (at Water Street).
  • The truck stops here! Templeton's stocks paint for roads and parking lots.
  • Touch-ups are often easier using spray paint - and we can put your preferred paint or stain in a standard aerosol can. Just ask us!
  • It's not just wooden clapboard you can paint - vinyl siding can also be successfuly coated this way. Ask us for more information about products and technique.
  • The "Historic Colours" palette is approved by the City of St. John's?
  • Templeton's has a complete selection of all the tools you'll need for your wallpaper project - sponges, paste, broad knives, water boxes, and more.

Wallpaper has been a Templeton’s strength since R.A. Templeton
decided to specialize in paper, paint, and flooring back in 1922.

Today we have the widest in-stock selection of residential styles and patterns in the province, and we always keep our eye out for closeouts of lines, so that we can offer both great selection and great prices.

One of wallpaper traditional strengths is its suitability to older homes, both because of its compatible heritage style and because it can mask flaws in walls “with history.”

But the range of patterns, surfaces, and colours now available also make wallpaper an up-to-the-minute alternative for creating stunning accent walls and unique rooms.

Drop by and browse our in-store selection and wallpaper books, to find a paper solution to your decorating needs.

Need a wallpaper steamer? Rent one from us!

Residential Wallcoverings

Our widest selection of in-stock residential are washable solid vinyls. Available in a range of colours and patterns, these papers are particularly suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and other heavy-traffic rooms.

We also stock and order Blue Mountain wallcoverings, whose distinctive online choosing tool “Design by Colour” can help you decide on a look that suits your style (see www.ihdg.com). Or come in and browse Blue Mountains catalogues, which are organized on similar principles of colour, pattern, and style.

Are there other distinctive wallpaper options? Yes! There’s paintable white paper, for example, a textured wall-covering suitable for wainscoting, ceilings, and accent walls and it can be painted. It’s available in “tin ceiling” patterns, stucco, and other styles. Take a look at www.norwall.net but note that our selection may vary.

View our wallpaper estimating tip sheet.
View our wallpaper hanging tip sheet.

Commercial Wallcoverings

Commercial-grade wallpaper is an excellent solution for hotel, hospitality house, and offices interiors, providing both atmosphere and masking qualities in ways that paint cannot match.

Templeton’s keeps several popular commercial patterns in stock and has an even larger selection available for order (allow about two weeks for delivery).

Please come in and browse. We are happy to provide assistance.