• You've been skating on Templeton's paint? We supply most of the ice-hockey arenas in the city with the paint for their rinks.
  • Templeton's also sells "convenience" hardware items - basic plumbing, electrical, and hand tool supplies - and we're the only downtown source for many of these items.
  • We cut keys and stock a wide selection of "Happy Keys". Try one - they make finding the right key easier, and fun.
  • Templeton's has a quaint selection of housewares - such as delicate teacups and saucers - so have a browse for the perfect finishing touch.
  • The Anna Templeton Centre on Duckworth Street, where skills in art and design are taught, is named after a family member. Anna toured Newfoundland outports during the 1950s, supporting and encouraging cottage industries.
  • In the early 20th century, wallpaper did not just help people beautify and refresh their homes - contributing an insulating layer to the walls. The more often you "updated" your look, the better insulated was your house.
  • In 2004, Templeton's donated the paint and materials to restore the "Golden Pheasant Tea" mural on the side of the East End Club building at the bottom of St. John's Lane (at Water Street).
  • The truck stops here! Templeton's stocks paint for roads and parking lots.
  • Touch-ups are often easier using spray paint - and we can put your preferred paint or stain in a standard aerosol can. Just ask us!
  • It's not just wooden clapboard you can paint - vinyl siding can also be successfuly coated this way. Ask us for more information about products and technique.
  • The "Historic Colours" palette is approved by the City of St. John's?
  • Templeton's has a complete selection of all the tools you'll need for your wallpaper project - sponges, paste, broad knives, water boxes, and more.

From laminate to hardwood, and vinyl to carpet,
Templeton’s has a large selection of flooring materials in stock. We can help with choice, and installation.

Please drop in or contact us for more information.

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Need a floor sander? Rent one from us!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring gives your rooms the warmth of wood—but it’s much more economical and easier to install and care for. Made from solid wood, “engineered” wood, or plastic laminate, it is a versatile flooring solution and comes in a range price points.

Templeton’s has a large and always-changing selection of styles, types, and colours of laminate flooring in stock. The “planks” are 12.3 ml thick, and connect with a drop-block joining system.

Drop in and browse, or let our knowledgeable staff help you choose.

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Vinyl Flooring

Whether you know it as cushion floor, linoleum, or Balaflex, you’ll want to check out Templeton’s selection—it’s the largest in St. John’s.

Available in 6- and 12-foot widths (for easier installation in smaller or larger rooms), our in-stock selection of more than 100 patterns is always changing. Vinyl flooring is unbeatable for price and keeping its looks over time, and it comes in a range of styles.

Our selection changes regularly and, because we buy in bulk, we can offer excellent prices day in and day out.

Drop by and see what’s new on the floor!

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Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, synthetic or high-quality nylon, residential or commercial—Templeton’s has the carpet styles, patterns, and colours and you’re looking for.

We regularly feature carpet ends and specials in-store, and order from a wide selection of carpet manufacturers (allow one to two weeks for delivery).

Drop in and browse, or let our knowledgeable staff help you choose.

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Vinyl Tile

Peel-and-stick vinyl tiles are an easy and economical residential flooring solution—and Templeton’s is one of the few suppliers in St. John’s who stock a wide selection.

Come in and check out the range of colours and patterns.

Need commercial-grade tile?
We stock a selection. Please drop by or contact us for details.

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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile can improve the looks of any kitchen, bathroom, or entryway. Templeton’s carries samples of several popular ceramic tile colours and styles, for special order.

Please drop in or contact us for details.

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There’s nothing that can surpass wood for warmth in a home. Templeton’s carries a large selection of the most popular types of hardwood—such as oak, maple, and cherry.

This flooring comes pre-finished and in a range of widths.

Drop by to view our selection, or contact us for details.

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