• You've been skating on Templeton's paint? We supply most of the ice-hockey arenas in the city with the paint for their rinks.
  • Templeton's also sells "convenience" hardware items - basic plumbing, electrical, and hand tool supplies - and we're the only downtown source for many of these items.
  • We cut keys and stock a wide selection of "Happy Keys". Try one - they make finding the right key easier, and fun.
  • Templeton's has a quaint selection of housewares - such as delicate teacups and saucers - so have a browse for the perfect finishing touch.
  • The Anna Templeton Centre on Duckworth Street, where skills in art and design are taught, is named after a family member. Anna toured Newfoundland outports during the 1950s, supporting and encouraging cottage industries.
  • In the early 20th century, wallpaper did not just help people beautify and refresh their homes - contributing an insulating layer to the walls. The more often you "updated" your look, the better insulated was your house.
  • In 2004, Templeton's donated the paint and materials to restore the "Golden Pheasant Tea" mural on the side of the East End Club building at the bottom of St. John's Lane (at Water Street).
  • The truck stops here! Templeton's stocks paint for roads and parking lots.
  • Touch-ups are often easier using spray paint - and we can put your preferred paint or stain in a standard aerosol can. Just ask us!
  • It's not just wooden clapboard you can paint - vinyl siding can also be successfuly coated this way. Ask us for more information about products and technique.
  • The "Historic Colours" palette is approved by the City of St. John's?
  • Templeton's has a complete selection of all the tools you'll need for your wallpaper project - sponges, paste, broad knives, water boxes, and more.

If it’s fall in Newfoundland, it must be time to bag your moose,
then bottle it—which we all know means it’s time to can it!

And we can help. Templeton’s is your source in Newfoundland for tried-and-true canners, cans, and—new this year—pressure canners.

Why is a paint, wallpaper, and flooring company in the canning business? Because cans and canning are connected to our long roots in Newfoundland….

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Robert Templeton and several other St. John’s merchants collaborated on creating a factory that could safely can lobster in a modern and hygienic way. They set up shop in what is reputedly the first reinforced concrete building in St. John’s (on Plank Road). The canning factory operated from 1872 to 1936, and finally closed because of a widespread failure of the Newfoundland lobster fishery.

But industry aside, many people still wanted to can. So Templeton’s remained in the business, selling canners and related products for domestic canning of moose, seal, and rabbit.

Today, Templeton’s is one of the few places in North America where those who can will find canners, cans, and repair parts.

How to Can Fish & Shellfish
The Ives-Way Canner Instruction Sheet

More About Our Canners

We sell the dependable Ives-Way hand-cranked canner (600 model), manufactured in Illinois. It comes complete with an instruction sheet and information about how to can fish and shellfish (also available for download here).

Ives-Way canners are shipped unassembled—but we will assemble yours at no charge, if you request it.

Please contact us for current pricing and shipping costs.

Canner Parts

Templeton’s sells the following replacement parts for the Model 600 Ives-Way canner.

Items in bold pictured in the diagram.

 13131  Second Seaming Roller
 13132  First Seaming Roller
 13138  Seaming Roller Screw
 13139  Crank Screw
 13146  Clamp Screw
 13147  Chuck Screw
 13160  Crank
 13167  Turntable Spring
 13168  Lever Pivot
 13169  Adjustable Thumb Screw
 13174  Gauge Wires
 13383  Turntable
 13389  Lever
 13390  Seaming Roller Spring
 16484  Pin
 8102A  Turntable Extension
 A3152  Chuck 211
 A3171  Med Spacer 5/16
 B3152  Chuck 307
 B3171  Thick Spacer 13/16
 C3152  Chuck 401
 C3171  1/4" Spacer
 D3152  Chuck 404
 D3164  Thin Spacer
 E3152  Chuck 303
 F3152  Chuck 300
 R3163  Right or Left 3 hole nut
 S3152  Chuck 301

Please contact us for current pricing of replacement parts, and our rates for servicing your canning machine.


We sell 1-pound gold-lacquered steel cans in cases of 24, lids included. (They use the 404 chuck.)

Please contact us for current pricing and shipping costs.

Pressure Cookers

The canning process isn’t completed until the heat’s applied—and the quickest and safest way to do that is with a pressure cooker.

Templeton’s now sells the All-American Pressure Cooker/Canner, made of heavy cast aluminum, which is perfect for treating your canned meat once the lid has been sealed.

Want to know more? Come in and ask us—it’s a canversation we always enjoy!

View the All-American Pressure Cooker Instruction Manual